Your Identity Treasure Hunt in Paris

Your Identity Treasure Hunt in Paris

Unveil Your Inner Majesty: Embark on an Exclusive Parisian Expedition – Your Ultimate Identity Treasure Hunt Awaits!

Have you ever dreamed of embarking on a transformative journey to the artistic heart of the world? Get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience for women that will ignite your creativity and revolutionize your artistry. Welcome to the Paris Trip – the ultimate Creative Revolution!

Uncover Your Artistic Genius

Paris, the city of love and inspiration, has been the muse of countless artists throughout history. Now, it’s your turn to walk in the footsteps of the great masters and discover your own creative brilliance from the inside out. Led by a team of renowned experts in creativity, style, and mindset, this exclusive trip is designed to help you explore, create, and embrace your unique, authentic voice.

There is no limit to success when your outside beautifully mirrors your inside.

Why Choose The Paris Trip – Creative Revolution?

  1. Immersive Artistic Workshops: Work closely with expert instructors who will guide you through immersive workshops tailored to unlocking your creative self and matching your inner and outer beauty. From art making, photography, mindfulness, and a self image consultation, you will learn tools you can use for a lifetime.
  2. Discover your authentic style: Elevate your wardrobe with personalized styling. Empower your mindset through expert coaching. Facilitate a transformative evolution of your identity and personal brand.
  3. Small Group Setting: Enjoy a close-knit, intimate setting with an international group of like-minded women. Bond over your shared passion for creative living, style, success, and authenticity. You will meet lifelong friends and and inspire each other’s creative growth long after this trip has ended.
  4. Cultural Exploration: Delve into the rich artistic heritage of Paris as you visit world-class museums, restaurants, and hidden gems known only to locals.

Your Journey to Authenticity Starts Here

Your experience will be the pinnacle of self-discovery with our meticulously crafted Parisian retreat, where every moment is a luxurious step toward embracing your authentic self. Here’s a glimpse of the opulent offerings that await you:

  1. Exclusive Parisian Treasure Hunt: Immerse yourself in 5 days of a life-altering treasure hunt through the enchanting streets of Paris. Let the city’s allure guide you toward an inner and outer transformation that will leave you utterly radiant.
  2. Styling: If you yearn to synchronize your closet, mindset and branding with your authentic selves, get ready to unlock the true alignment of your inner and outer self ! Master coach and stylist, Aurora Davoli, will teach you how to elevate your wardrobe with personalized styling to facilitate a transformative evolution of your identity and personal brand.
  3. Personalized Character Strength Assessment: Embark on your journey with a bespoke assessment of your character strengths, providing you with invaluable insights into your innate qualities. Individual consultation with Dr. Amy Backos, world renowned creativity expert with almost three decades working with women. Receive detailed written feedback to further enhance your self-awareness.
  4. Body Type & Color Analysis: Revel in a pre-trip individual assessment that delves into your body type and color preferences. Master coach and stylist, Aurora Davoli, has curated styles for women around the globe and her detailed written feedback will illuminate the colors and styles that resonate with your essence, empowering you to radiate confidence with the tools to carry you through shopping in Paris and at home.
  5. High Tea at the Iconic Ritz: Indulge in a lavish high tea experience at the world-renowned Ritz Paris, where luxury meets elegance. Bask in the opulent ambiance as you sip tea and savor delectable treats.
  6. Daily Breakfast Delights: Awaken to a sumptuous breakfast each morning, prepared to tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your spirit for the day ahead.
  7. Professional Photoshoot: Capture your transformative journey through the lens of a seasoned photographer. Every snapshot will encapsulate your newfound confidence and radiance, serving as a lasting reminder of your metamorphosis.
  8. Intimate Group Coaching: Engage in small group coaching sessions that foster deep connections, friendships, and growth. Our expert coach will guide you through insightful discussions that propel your transformation forward.
  9. Paris-Inspired Art Therapy: Tap into your creative reservoir with Paris-inspired art therapy sessions. Allow the city’s artistic legacy to infuse your creations, providing a unique channel for self-expression and discovery. Experience Neurocreativity Workshops to unlock your creative potential with hands-on workshops led by creativity expert, Dr. Amy Backos. Learn new techniques, experiment with different mediums, and elevate your self expression to new heights.
  10. Curated Shopping Itinerary: Embark on a shopping adventure tailored to your interest, style preferences, and budget. Our meticulously crafted itinerary will lead you to exquisite boutiques, epicurean delights, and hidden gems, ensuring a truly personalized Parisian shopping and dining experience.
  11. Exquisite Epicurean Delights: Savor the flavor and pace of French dining. From our delightful breakfasts to French cheese tasting, you will experience incredible Parisian sweet and savory delights.

Elevate yourself through this unparalleled journey that marries luxury, self-discovery, and empowerment. Unveil the magnificent tapestry of your true identity against the breathtaking backdrop of Paris. Your transformational odyssey begins now.

Building your powerful presence, clear mindset and alignment with your purpose.

Included in cost of the trip
-5 transformative days in Paris
-Pre-trip individual assessments with detailed written feedback provided in Paris
-Pre-trip individual assessment of body type & color analysis with detailed written feedback provided in Paris
-5 intimate workshops and coaching
-Paris inspired Art Therapy
-High tea at the Ritz
-5 enticing petit dejuner (breakfast)
-Delightful culinary experiences with a master chef
-Parisian treasure hunts
– Professional photo shoot on the last day
-Detailed shopping itinerary (tailored to your interests, style & price points)

Not included
Dejuner (lunch)
3 dinners

Limited Spots Available

Are you ready to embrace the Creative Revolution in Paris and immerse yourself in an authentic journey that will forever change the way you see yourself? Don’t miss this chance to work with experts, explore the captivating city of Paris, and tap into your zone of genius. The Paris Trip offers a unique opportunity to work with experts in the heart of artistic inspiration. Limited spots are available for this exclusive trip, so secure your place now!


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Your Facilitators

Aurora Davoli, master coach and Parisian stylist
woman, Dr. Amy Backos smiling at the camera, wearing a blue dress and sitting in a white chair
Dr. Amy Backos, creativity expert, art therapist and francophile

Aurora Davoli

Dr. Amy Backos

Amy and Aurora at the Ritz Paris courtyard