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Tired of trying to make change without success? Lost your confidence or unsure how to proceed? Maybe you are unsure of what you want to change. Using evidence-based strategies from psychology and art therapy, this workshop gives you tools to change any aspect of your life. 


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Class Videos & Slides

Class I

Link to Video: Week 1 class “Manifest Change!”

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Class II

Link to Video: Week 2 class “Manifest Change!”

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Class III

Link to Video: Week 3 class “Manifest Change!”

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Class IV

Link to Video: Week 4 class “Manifest Change!”

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Additional Opportunities

Looking for individual support or therapy to deepen your manifesting to live your most authentic life? I can help you let go of the past, anchor in the present, and actualize your dreams of the future.

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Complementary 20 minute consultation to see what is right for you.
Leave a voice message or email to learn more.
(415) 592-6406

Tune in for more info! You can find me talking about values, joy, and how to live an amazing life on IG live each Friday at noon PST. Content for the month will be congruent with this class so definitely tune in for the month and supplement your learning.

Disclosures and Values
Please respect the content and creators – avoid distributing to people who have yet to enroll in the class.
Memberships in the workshop cannot be shared. Refunds are unavailable once you have paid for a class or for a year. If you are on a month by month payment plan, you may cancel future payments.
Reproducing or distributing the workbook is only possible with expressed written permission from The Art Therapy Center of San Francisco.
Class memberships are for education. The are not therapy and do not constitute mental health treatment or a therapeutic relationship.