Women’s Search for Meaning: Mini-Coaching Package

picture shows a woman drinking coffee and writing in her journal

Ready to finally answer the big questions of life and identify your meaning and purpose? Ready to create a life full of meaning, satisfaction and joy? Identifying and living your purpose with meaning and intent will bring you greater ease and increase your joy in life – this package starts you on the path to a life you love. Bringing the best of evidence based psychology, this high value program build your confidence, stronger relationships and career excellence. This mini-package identifies your meaning and purpose, and you will begin to learn proven strategies for making lasting change. You will create alignment with your values and higher self to manifest a life full of purpose, creativity and fun.

We start with an assessment to understand your strengths and values, followed by an individualized program to capitalize on your strengths to move you into your zone of excellence. Between sessions, you incorporate mindfulness, thought awareness, and creative expression into your daily routine to build a foundation of self care and self awareness. Each session challenges you to make decisions, pursue clarity, and release old habits to create a healthier, more authentic version of you. These four sessions require 1-2 months of focus and grown.

smiling woman leaning back on a chair with her hand on her head

Four 60 minute private coaching sessions.
Individualized assessment, assignments, art & training.
Access to me via text for the duration of our work together.