Modern Creative Woman Orientation

Welcome to you – the Modern Creative Woman! You belong here! As a Modern Creative Woman, you make time for yourself, learn the latest in evidence based psychology and creative sciences, express yourself authentically, and build your presence, mindset and purpose with intention.

Here, you gain knowledge, creativity, and an amazing community of like-minded, supportive women. Welcome to this unique, one of a kind membership. We are glad you are here!

Build your powerful presence, strong mindset and live with purpose!

1. Start on this page and download the Modern Creative Woman Orientation Manual, the Manifesta, and your Commitment page.

2. Access the over 24 hours of online content from the Modern Creative Woman archives, including six workbooks and 24 sets of slides for your reference. There is no hurry! Work your way through these six classes slowly and these foundational classes make an excellent accompaniment to the monthly workshops.

3. Join the live online classes or watch streaming later on the membership page. Download the monthly workbook and commit to 20 minutes a day of time for yourself. You deserve 1% of your day to yourself and your happiness!

4. Enjoy the community, share your art online and tag the Modern Creative Woman @dramybackos on Instagram and Facebook. Find inspiration on Pinterest @drAmybackos.

Enjoy the journey and remember, you are a Modern Creative Woman!

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