Modern Creative Woman Membership Page 2023

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The Creative Rest Oasis
Three Days of Creative Rest!
Are you feeling drained by the demands of balancing life and wondering why you are tired or annoyed? Do you yearn for a deeper connection with your creativity and inner self? This transformative month will invigorate your mind, unleash your creative potential, and help you embrace a life filled with inspiration and joy!
React – Respond – Create
This month moves you from automatic reactions to yourself and others into a creative, easy-going place where you have psychological flexibility and freedom to choose. Reactions are our brain’s automatic responses. Responses are consciously chosen to reflect our values. Creation is developing your own style of response that matches your personality and your values. It’s time to stop reacting and start creating.
The Every Woman’s Guide to Creativity
Stretch your creative muscles and get ready to practice creative thinking and make expressive art. This class includes many quick art interventions you can add to your tool box for decision making, problem solving, and fun.
The Heroine’s Journey
Ready to see your story in a whole new and empowering way? This class teaches you to look for the heroine’s journey in film, literature and in your own life. The Heroine’s Journey uses writing and art to see how your past struggles don’t fit the old models. Instead, they are an essential part of becoming your authentic self.
The blending of psychology, aesthetics (the philosophy of what we enjoy), and neuroscience gives us much insight into creating presence, mindset and purpose.
How to Get Out of Your Own Way
This workshop includes practical tools to increase your contact with the present moment, build a mindset that gives you cognitive flexibility. Finally, you will learn strategies for deepening your purpose and taking action.

The Art & Science of Love
Love adds to the value we give to the world. Giving love into others is enhanced through self-love practices. This workshop offers the philosophy of love and self care so you can create more love all around you.
Aligning your Passions & Your Goals
Passions and goals aligned makes your dreams come true. Build structure around your practical and passionate goals to love your goal and create a real plan to achieve it.
Women’s Search for Meaning
Fail-Proof Guide to Making Meaning in the Midst of Chaos
The time-honored tradition of seeking meaning and purpose in our lives, the philosophy or seeing our lives as part of a whole, the art and science of defining our purpose, and living our values.
Hello Joy!
How to Bring the Joy like a Modern Creative Woman
The art and science of cultivating an attitude of joy. How to maintain your inner peace and sense of calm, even when there is chaos around you.
I Love this for You!
Guide to Building a Modern Creative Life You Love
Creating a life you love, enjoying what you have created, and being open to give and receive love.
Manifest Change
Manifest the Woman You Want to Be.
How to create change, the science backed strategies of committing to change and the art of following through with our decisions.
How to Open Your Heart with Gratitude.
The science behind gratitude, the pro-social benefits of appreciating others, and how to embody gratitude to uplift your relationships.
Reset & Rejuvenate
Burnout First Aid Kit.
How to pause and reset your life, the antidote to burnout, the science behind mental rejuvenation, and creating a sustainable plan to maintain you rejuvenation.